Photography and custom works of art by Lindsey Hogan

What we do

hey! I’m Lindsey. I’m The main photographer and artist behind the anchored brand. I’d love to let you in on what we do. 

My love for the arts takes on many forms, but through Anchored Fine Art and Photography I get to use my artistic expressions to create not just pretty photos, but works of art.

First and foremost, I sit down with you and come up with a vision for what you would like your final product to be. Do you want a formal family portrait? How about a sweet painting of you and your new bride/groom during your first dance?

Next, we finalize details and book your session or event. After the session is completed we will choose photos to be used for reference in your custom work of art and I will get to work!

To learn more about what we offer, please contact us.

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Lindsey hogan

Owner, Artist/Photographer

Buck Hogan

Photographer, Husband Extraordinaire